Turn Your Favorite Snacks Into Superfoods with Veggimins // National Popcorn Day


With our new range of Veggimins superfoods, it's now easier than ever to infuse common foods with superfood nutrition. Throw some Maca Matrix into your oatmeal and stir, add a spoonful of High Vitamin D into your raw chocolate milk (it even tastes a little malty on its own!), add Amazing Algae to your air popped popcorn for an incredible boost of vitamins and minerals (Sunbiotics almonds optional but 100% recommended). When you're transitioning into a healthier way of living and eating, it's so important to make it clear to your mind that deprivation isn't part of the game, rather making better choices and substituting ingredients and foods with healthier alternatives. You'll soon realize that adding a boost of superfoods to your favorite foods is not only a great way to get in more vital nutrition, it can also make flavors come alive!