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There's only a few more days left in February, which means we're all a little more than ready for some sunshine and warmth in our life! If your energy is dragging today, and not even the promise of spring ahead is helping put some pep in your step, try this smoothie bowl instead.

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You know that old saying - "a parfait a day keeps the doctor away..." Oh wait, that's not how it goes? Well anyhow, we would certainly be happy to eat this delicious layered parfait every single day, and with all of the superfood nutrition within it, it will definitely help keep your body healthy and well. 

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This shake is absolutely crave worthy. It's both refreshing yet decadent all in one sip, with flavors of cool peppermint and vanilla, with just a subtle hint of chocolate malt courtesy of mesquite pod meal.

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Woohoo! Happy 2016! It's a new year, and an exciting time to be in the health food industry, as more and more people from all walks of life are embracing the critical role that diet plays in their overall wellness.


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This was a rainy day kitchen experiment that went sooooo RIGHT. We wanted to come up with a seriously potent and healing elixir that would boost energy levels and nourish the body on a deep level with superfood nutrition. This was it. 



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We are thrilled to introduce to you our range of pure plant based superfood nutritional products!  Our formulas are unique in that they contain zero fillers or fluff - they are truly pure, whole food-based, and bioavailable. Learn more now! 


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