Windy City Organics – Gourmet Organic Raw Food Manufacturer and Distributer

Raw / Unpasteurized Product Disclaimer

Please be aware: We are a health-focused food manufacturing company who takes pride in sourcing the best raw ingredients we can find, and maintaining our ingredients' nutritional integrity through low temperature processing techniques.

This means our products are unpasteurized, and may potentially contain a variety of microbes, similar to fresh produce purchased from the market, which may cause serious illness in certain individuals such as children, the elderly, or persons with weakened immune systems.

Please also note that our ingredients are certified organic, and are required to be tested for contaminants such as harmful microbes, before they arrive to our facility for use in production. We are a GMP certified facility and follow strict protocols for safe and sanitary food production.

For any questions or concerns please contact us at (800) 925-0577.

“ Windy City Organics is your organic and raw food manufacturer. We craft the finest quality products and guarantee 100% satisfaction ”

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