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  • Feb 5 2016

    Eating does more than just fuel the body. Eating is sensorial, it brings pleasure and enjoyment. Certain foods have been deemed "comfort" foods because of their effect that they have on our emotions. While it's definitely not healthy to overeat, or stuff down emotions with junk food, there is nothing wrong with recognizing the pleasurable aspects of eating the foods we love. 

  • Feb 4 2016

    When it comes to hard working muscles in the body, there is one that will always be reigning champ no matter how much you've been killing it with the deadlifts lately: the heart. This is one tireless organ, beating on average 80 times per minute, or 115,000 times per day, pumping oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to all tissues of the body.

  • Feb 3 2016

    Whether the discussion involves macrominerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, or trace minerals such as iron, manganese, copper and zinc, one thing is for certain - our bodies need minerals (although in very variant amounts!) in order to both survice AND thrive.

  • Feb 2 2016

    Today's raw chocolate Valentine's Day theme is all about that Antioxidant Love. Within the last decade chocolate has gone from being a not-so-healthy guilty pleasure to an actual superfood bursting with anti-aging capabilities and nutrition.

  • Feb 1 2016

    Have you ever gifted someone you care about chocolate as an expression of your love? Most of us can affirm that we have - and while it might just seem like the classic, fool-proof thing to do (who doesn't love chocolate?!), there is actually science behind why chocolate has remained synonymous with love...

  • Jan 28 2016

    If you've ever tried and failed at making vegan pancakes this recipe may seem nothing short of a miracle. Gluten-free, refined sugar-free, vegan pancakes made from scratch using only a combo of 2 different flours and no strange processed gums and binders. 

  • Jan 27 2016

    Have you ever thought to yourself while eating a mouthful of chocolate cake, "this sure is delicious...if only it were actually good for me..." Firstly, if this is the case, you must not have been eating our Rawmio chocolate truffle fudge cake, and secondly- why the heck not?!

  • Jan 26 2016

    Chocolate and coffee - when it comes to guilty pleasures these two top many a list. If one of these lists happens to be yours, you'll be pretty ecstatic to learn that you can remove the guilt from that pleasure equation. 

  • Jan 21 2016

    This winter weather can be brutal on the immune system, and even if you take really good care of yourself, you might find yourself feeling under the weather. If you're feeling ill, or maybe you just feel that your immune system could use a boost - try this amazing tonic!

  • Jan 21 2016

    This is a recipe near and dear to our heart - after all, it replaces coffee in the morning so it's basically what breathes life into the day. If you have given up coffee, either as a short break or as a permanent step towards enjoying better health, yerba mate is a must try. 

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