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Turn Your Favorite Snacks Into Superfoods with Veggimins // National Popcorn Day

With our new range of Veggimins superfoods, it's now easier than ever to infuse common foods with superfood nutrition. Sprinkle some Maca Matrix over a bowl of fresh fruit, add a spoonful of High Vitamin D into your raw chocolate milk (it even tastes a little malty on its own!), add Amazing Algae  to your air popped popcorn for an incredible boost of vitamins and minerals.

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Classic Miso Tahini Dressing // Bowls Bowls Bowls (Recipe!)

Eating your meal from a plate is soooo 2015. Not only is it more fun (our opinion of course...) to eat from a bowl, it is also a great way to give your meals an artistic flair, make them more visually appealing (after all- digestion starts with the eyes, right?!), and also pack in the variety through different ingredient pairings, sauces, and garnishes.


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