Rawmio Bliss: The Phenomenon Explained


When Rawmio is the topic of conversation, typically the word bliss comes up at least once or twice. It was such a common occurance that we even decided to grant the phenomenon its own hashtag on Instagram. So what IS #RawmioBliss exactly? We'll break it down for you...

First lets explore the definition of "bliss". Bliss is defined as "perfect happiness; great joy." and "A state of complete and utter happiness; often seen as heaven-like." Now think back to your last encounter with a Rawmio truffle fudge cake....it alllllll makes sense now.
When you dip a spoon into one of our Rawmio spreads or sink your teeth into one of our hand dipped chocolate covered figs, superfood-loaded raw chocolate barks, or decadent gluten and dairy-free truffle fudge cakes, you realize that this experience is so much more than simply a way to satisfy a sweet tooth craving. 
The bliss actual starts far before the chocolate meets your lips, with the sourcing of our ingredients. Always organic, sustainable, and fairly traded, our raw cacao comes to us directly from small farm cooperatives in Peru, where it is harvested and sun dried to perfection. Once it reaches our factory, the magic truly begins as we begin the process of hand crafting our unique chocolate treats, combining our cacao with other goodies such as Balinese coconut sugar, Ecuadorian cacao butter, and a plethora of exotic superfoods sourced consciously from all around the world. 
Throughout the entire production process, low temperatures are maintained so that the nutritional integrity and intricate flavor profiles of our superfood ingredients are preserved. Cacao, for instance, contains scientifically proven compounds which react with our neurotransmitters to ignite feelings of contentment, happiness, relaxation, love, and inspiration. Anadamide, a naturally occurring chemical found within raw cacao, literally translates to the "Bliss Chemical", as it fits into cannabinoid receptor sites (also known as pleasure receptors) in the cells of our central nervous system. The bliss is real, people. 
As you can see, #RawmioBliss is so much more than taste bud pleasure, it starts with that sense of contentment gained from making the conscious choice to feed your body food that is healthy, not just for you, but healthy for the people who grow and harvest it, and the very planet we call home. It's also directly related to the medicinal and mood-enhancing powers inherent within the cacao itself. And last, but most certainly not least, it's about our signature recipes which light up those taste buds and leave you dreaming about your next Rawmio Bliss fix for days on end.