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Remember back in the day when no-fat and low-fat was all the rage while fats (even those found in healthy foods like avocados and nuts *gasp*), were blacklisted?...keep reading

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For those of us living a plant based, dairy-free lifestyle, we really have it pretty good these days. Not only is there a mecca of products lining grocery store shelves and coolers with vegan products that resemble pretty much anything non-vegan imaginable,...

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Thai food lovers, this one is for you! This sauce delivers a perfect fusion of traditional Thai flavors: coconut, ginger, lime, and lemongrass. It also incorporates our amazing new Watermelon Seed Butter for a solid dose of nutrition including iron, zinc, healthy fats and protein. Speaking of protein....

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While most of us have experienced the refreshment and deliciousness that is watermelon fruit, the seeds are not typically something we give much thought to, let alone value as a source of nutrition. Until now. Introducing our NEW stone ground watermelon seed butter from Dastony!


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These kale chips are crispy and cheesy with a tangy mustard-like flavor and hints of smokey spice. A healthy replacement for chips with the healing benefits of turmeric! 


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If you've had the great pleasure of experiencing our Dastony nut butters, you've likely realized that they are a different breed of nut butter all together. The first trait that people generally notice is the unique consistency: viscious, creamy, silky, with zero clumps or grit and very minimal oil separation if any. This is due to our old world stone grinding manufacturing technique.


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