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Raspberry Coconut Tahini Pudding

It's nearing the end of August, however that does not mean summer is over yet. Or berry season for that matter. And we plan to take full advantage while it lasts! Have you visited a u-pick berry farm this summer? Stocked up on several pints of fresh berries at the farmer's market?...keep reading


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While the definition of freedom might mean different things to us all, one thing is for certain: we all crave the feeling...keep reading


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Today's recipe just goes to show how mind blowingly simple it is to make healthy plant based cuisine that is both packed full of superfood nutrition AND equally delicious...keep reading

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It's finally starting to feel like summer, which means it's time to make sure those freezers are well stocked with plenty of frozen fruit...keep reading

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Having an epic salad dressing to toss your greens with can be a major deal breaker when it comes to eating salads everyday. 

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Anyone who eats a plant based diet will tell you, the secret to upping the veggies on your plate (or in this case - bowl) is pairing them with a delectable sauce.

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