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Veggimins Enhanced CBD Vape Oil - 1000 mg

MSRP: $74.99


CBD Vape-Oil has quickly become a preferred method of CBD consumption for those in search of both cost-effectiveness and fast-acting results. By inhaling pure CBD and terpene molecules directly into the lungs, we bypass digestion and achieve better absorption rates and increased bioavailability.

Get the fast-acting results you're looking for with Veggimin's Enhanced CBD Vape-Oil. Our pure, additive-free formula combines 1000 mg of full spectrum CBD along with naturally occurring aromatic botanical terpenes for a heightened entourage effect. 

Usage: Use according to your vaporizer pen's specifications. Our CBD vape oil is made with a base of MCT oil which must be vaped at a low voltage (max 5V). Please check your vaporizer pen’s manual or contact the manufacturer directly to confirm its voltage level(s). Experimentation may be necessary to find your perfect dose. Use as needed. Discontinue use if any adverse effects are experienced. For ages 18+. 

Active Hemp CBD Extract°, Non-GMO Coconut MCT Oil°, Terpenes°


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