Raw Organic Cacao Paste - Unsweetened - 66 lbs

Raw Organic Cacao Paste - Unsweetened - 66 lbs

Want to make your own premium quality raw chocolate? Now you can!

Our organic raw cacao paste serves as the base of all of the gourmet raw chocolate creations we craft here at Windy City Organics. 

This is an artisan raw chocolate product, stone-ground at temperatures never reaching above 112 F, and made from the finest Peruvian Criollo cacao nibs that we direct import ourselves. Nothing else added. Unsweetened and ready to be used in all of your favorite chocolate confections!

What can I do with raw organic cacao paste?

* Make your own custom chocolate candies and bars

* Chop and use in place of unsweetened bakers chocolate or chocolate chips

* Melt and drizzle as-is over desserts or combine with raw agave nectar or honey for sweetened chocolate syrup

* Chop and add it to your superfood mixes (goji berries, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, etc.) 

* Blend it into smoothies or nut milk for a dark chocolate flavor and added nutrients 



Raw Organic Peruvian Criollo Cacao Nibs

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