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Raising the Bar with Rawmio Superfood Spread

It can be a challenging world out there for a foodie with high standards; picking up jars of nut butter only to set them back down, disgusted with a nutritional label full of refined sugars, salt, and processed oils. However, before you feel too disheartened, let us just say, we feel you, and in fact have crafted products just for you.

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Rawmio Barks // A Plethora of Toppings to Choose From

Chocolate is clearly our jam here at Windy City Organics. While our signature stone ground raw chocolate base is fantastic on its own, we have to admit, we do really enjoying enhancing it further with fun superfood toppings. Our range of Rawmio Gourmet Stone Ground Chocolate Barks went from just 1 flavor (our original Sprouted Hazelnut and Fig) to now over 9 different flavors with a plethora of delicious toppings

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